At Gulf Coast Minis, we enjoy hearing from our new puppy families! We look forward to receiving updates about how each puppy is doing. A few of these updates are included below.

If you have welcomed a Gulf Coast Mini and would like to share an update or new pictures with us please do so!

“She (Nola) has adjusted beautifully to apartment life in Brooklyn and is adored by everyone. She’s the best behaved puppy I’ve ever met – training was a breeze. I consider myself so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you and your pups for ushering her into this world – she means the world to me”

-Amanda (Sassy)

“We got our little girl Skye from Gulf Coast Minis. Robert was very prompt with all of his responses and answered all of our questions before we even thought of them to ask! Delivery day we were so impressed with his kindness and professionalism. She is our first herding breed puppy and he gave us great tips that helped us on her first night away from her siblings and birth parents. We highly recommend them for your future fur baby. A++”

-Sue (Holly Berry)

“He (Finley) is doing great! He is such a wonderful dog and has adjusted well. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family, he is the perfect fit.”

-Kate (Chance)

“”Hunter is doing great! We love him so much! He is getting along great with our other dog, and the cats are tolerating him 😉. He is so smart and lovable. You did a great job with him! He recently graduated from puppy obedience school and we have been working hard to socialize him in our neighborhood. He is so smart and really just a lovable bundle of joy!”

-Cindy (Dodger)

“We would be happy to write a review for you guys if you would like. This whole puppy finding experience has been so easy and he is such a wonderful dog. It was clear that you really care about your dogs and who they go home with.”, “Day 5 and we are completely in love. He (Mylo) is an amazing dog. He is crate and pretty much potty trained but most of all he is just pure sweetness and seems to have accepted that we are his family.”

-Lindsey (Copper)

“Wanted to give you an update on Junebug, our beautiful wonderful little girl. She has fit in seamlessly in our household. She is super energetic, super smart and is the most awesome problem solver I’ve ever seen in a puppy that age. She has bonded with me as if she is my shadow and I love it. Again, thank you for bringing Junebug to us.We cannot imagine our home without her. June Bug is pure joy, smart and the star of her doggy class.”

-Martha (Mary Poppins)

“oh she is so adorable. I sometimes just admire how beautiful she is. we definitely love her to pieces.”, “She (Nala) has the BEST personality!!!”

-Lindsay (Clarabelle)

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