Gulf Coast’s Little Blue Stitch 626

Stitch is our resident stud and head of household, he is as smart as he is loving. He wouldn’t be Stitch if he wasn’t carrying around a ball to play fetch or squeaking a toy to get everyone’s attention. Stitch has the herding instinct of his much larger cousins, he enjoys running around the house and yard herding his pack. We provide puzzles and games that Stitch figures out in a matter of minutes. Stitch is also quite the scent hound, he is able to find all of his toys or items that we hide by scent alone.

Stitch Is a gorgeous blue-eyed blue merle. He weighs 15lbs and stands at 12in tall, he has a strong, sturdy, and stocky build. He is registered as a Toy Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd. Stitch is a founding stud of the Miniature American Shepherd breed, we look forward to seeing some of his beauty puppies this fall.

He is an unaffected carrier for MDR1, but otherwise clear.